Weekend Hippie is created in Santa Barbara, CA, but we have a global tribe of passionate Weekend Hippies that contribute to our stories and inspiration.

Weekend Hippie celebrates those who make a difference in our world... if only a tiny fraction...if only what they can do in the course of a weekend... a Weekend Hippie life.

First and foremost, it's passion in our lives while making conscious choices, even small ones, that make a big difference. From growing and raising your own food to counting endangered Shrikes on California’s San Clemente Island to surfing the west coast of Morocco and beyond.

Our WKNY Hippies are those that inspire us, give us a daily dose of inspiration. Those they know their 'why,' and make it happen. 

Go ahead and make your small statement today (or a big one).  Just do what makes you feel amazing, what makes you happy. Along they way you'll collect friends and smiles. It works.  Like putting quarters in a jar: all of a sudden it pays for a a small piece of your weekend project, each small statement adds up…  

If you are committed — and have decided to get completely off the grid — living off the sun and soil in the Ventana Wilderness or tending to bees — you’re an inspiration... and we want to hear your story.

Be a Weekend Hippie – seven days a week!

It’s worth it…

The Weekend Hippies.