We launched Weekend Hippie in the summer of 2007 on the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. It wasn’t by coincidence. We had been inspired by those original flower children and their questioning of anything and everything about themselves and their environment. 

We’d been searching for the right time and space to create our own version of the Summer of Love.

Kerry Allen

And this is it.

Here, in Santa Barbara, we're surrounded by flower children of all sorts ... 

... artists, farmers, activists, writers, surfers, entrepreneurs, musicians, photographers, fishers, chefs, beach bums, craftspeople …

… and do-gooders of all stripes.

It’s what defines Santa Barbara — and Weekend Hippie — and hopefully, one day, the entire world. 

This space is for their stories and the places we travel to meet them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mike & Kerry